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Join Dale Halaway in his life-enriching seminar and remove what has been standing in the way of you becoming who you really are.

The climate is intensifying, the Earth is Shifting, and the rate of change is accelerating. We must learn how to flow and create with these changes - become comfortable with chaos. The "Shift" Seminar is an invitation to do something new, to make different choices, to break down your own patterns and do something else.

In this inspirational and transformational 4-day seminar you will discover . . .
How to remove what has been standing in the way of you becoming who you really are.
A powerful life-changing process for clearing unwanted behavioral patterns.
Exercises for putting an end to the chatter of your mind.
How to let go of the need to struggle in your life and how that not only brings a life of grace but brings you into alignment with your true self as well.
The power of choice and the two areas where choice is made.
How to rid yourself of negative thoughts and go beyond the EGO.
The keys to real self-transformation and sustainable change.

August 23-26, 2012, Las Vegas, NV - $997 -$797
(discount good through August 20th)
TIME: Thurs 9:45-10:00 Registration
Thurs-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm Seminar
LOCATION: Wingate Inn, 3041 St. Rose Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052
Phone 702.568.0027
Room Rates $59/night (just mention Seminars That Inspire)
For More Information Contact: Lisa Ulshafer (702) 254-7730 - email

Deposit Only - $150
(Balance due August 22nd)


“ The benefits are indescribable, but if you want a real way to get to your real self, your true and authentic being, and accomplish your true purpose and experience life fully, this is the way.„
- Christy Stratton

“These seminars are of value to everyone and anyone willing and wanting personal growth and happiness. Thank you so much Dale! „
- Christina Havens

“I now have an awareness that comes from these seminars. It inspires and gives hope to us as beings on this planet, and it lets us know that everything is possible. „
- Christina Romaniuk

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